Woking Beer Festival 2017

I was commissioned by the organiser to design the logo for the 2017 Woking beer festival.

From a first meeting with the organising committee to establish a theme for this year's logo it was agreed to focus on music for the dual reason that live music is featuring again after several years of nit being present and also tying in with a concert held over the summer in Woking park celebrating two of Woking's famous musical figures, Rick Parfitt of Status Quo and Paul Weller and the Jam who were formed in the town.

I was given free reign to come up with a bold illustrative logo, with the only restriction being a set size of 80mm x 70mm and a four colour palette.

I used the theme of The Mods, incorporating iconic symbols of the movement such as the red, white and blue roundel, scooter and arrows along with the instruments.

I provided a first idea with 4 variations of the image on the bass drum for the committee to comment on. They liked my initial composition and simply voted on which of the 4 variations they preferred. So from my hand drawn scamps I re-drew in Illustrator.

The logo is currently being used on the website and on flyers around the town and the glasses have gone into a production of 5,000 units ready for the festival in November.